Pros and cons of working in nail salon!

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Should you work in a nail salon or not?

That's the question that interests the majority of beginner nail techs. Of course, working in the salon has as some advantages, as disadvantages which you definitely should know before deciding to work there. So let's discuss them today!

  • You will always have clients!

As long as you work in the salon, you don't need to search for them, the salon will take care of this.


  • The salon provides all of the materials and equipment!

You won't need to worry about purchasing products for work, the salon is supposed to give you everything needed.


  • You will be registered officially registering officially!

Thanks to this you can get a number of advantages, such as paid leave, work experience, etc.

  • You can experience working in a team!

If you have friendly colleagues, you can ask for advice, share experience with each other and in this case your work may appear funnier and more pleasant for you. Communication is always good.


However, obviously, working in a salon has some disadvantages such as fixed work schedule and not being able to refuse a client as in salon you will have to work even with the most difficult clients.


Choosing a proper place to work is important for every nail technician who is starting his career in the nail industry. And this is one of the topics which we discuss in our How to Become a Nail Technician course which helps beginners to get started.


There we discuss such important questions:

  • why you should become a nail technician
  • how to get a license in the USA
  • products you will need
  • where to work (nail salon, at home, etc)
  • how to sanitise and disinfect your tools
  • how to become a rock star nail technician

This course is a must for each beginner nail technician who is just starting his journey in the nail industry. Tap here to know more about it and join us:

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