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E-files save lives

Well, not lives, but they do save limbs and careers.

It’s quite important to choose correct nail drill bits depending on the product you need to file off.

🖤 Black (coarse) is perfect for dip and acrylic
💚 Green can be used for acrylic too
💙 Blue will be good for hard gel, polygel and soft gel
❤️  Red abrasive is good for cuticle care and gel polish removal

Did you know that nail techs who hand-file for their entire careers are much more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other nerve/tendon/joint-related conditions as a result of wear-and-tear on their bodies? All that movement and muscle we put into our arm and hand while hand-filing really takes its toll over time. E-filing is a great way to allow an advanced tool to do the work for you. Not only that, but you can be much more precise and efficient.

Say NO to vibration

When it comes to e-filing, there’s no such thing as “good vibrations.” With e-files, vibration is absolutely something to be avoided. A good one should not vibrate much when turned on, nor should the vibration increase with the speed.

What’s so bad about vibration? It can be very uncomfortable for your client as she will feel the movement and repeated pounding on her nail plate. In some extreme cases where there is prolonged and improper use, it can even damage the client’s matrix, causing abnormal nail plate growth. Vibration also makes it difficult for the nail tech to be precise.

The hand-piece is where all the magic happens

A lot of nail techs think the power control unit (aka “the box”) is where the motor is, and they throw their hand-piece around. 

The hand-piece (the portion you hold in your hand) is the most important part of your e-file. It’s where the actual motor and all the expensive parts and technology reside. The power box — or battery pack, if you’re using a portable model — is actually just the power control that provides the right amount of electricity to your hand-piece and allows you to turn it on and off and control    the speed. Take great care in protecting both, but especially your hand-piece.

It’s the tech, not the tool

E-files often get a bad rap. When we see pictures of rings of fire, nail plate burns, and injured skin we assume it’s the evil e-file at work. In truth, an e-file really can’t do any damage without a nail tech wielding it. The big question is how can nail techs learn to use an e-file properly? Well, it’s much like learning to drive a car. It takes Instruction, lessons, and careful practice. You’re going to have an accident here and there, especially in the beginning, but the goal is to
learn and improve.

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