Electric File Manicure

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4 Months Access
CEU in units 30
Teacher Graded Assignments
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This course will teach you how to:

  • Chose the right drill
  • Chose the right bits
  • Chose the right speed for each bit depending on the task you are performing
  • Work with different types of skin: dry, moist, or normal
  • Work with different types of cuticles: regular, spreading, dry, thin, and thick.
  • Trim the cuticle 
  • Shape the sidewalls and deal with cases of hyperkeratosis
  • Perform male manicure
  • Work with artificial nails and prep nails prior product application

Electric File Manicure course contains:

59 lessons
12 assignments, including 8 practical tasks
Instructions for dealing with 5 different types of cuticle
Practical use of 7 types of file bits
4 different techniques of working with an electric nail drill


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