Acrylic Sculpting for Beginners

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100 video lessons for beginners and experienced nail technicians who want to get professional education.
To pass the course you will need 6 months

Continuing Education Units: 50

On the Acrylic for Beginners online course, you will learn to create beautiful and elegant nails.

The acrylic Sculpting course program


Product chemistry (polymerization process)
Physiology and anatomy of the natural nail
Nail sculpting
Artificial nail architecture
What an ideal long-lasting nail should look like


Applying gel polish Natural nail prep, applying gel polish, removing the product.
Practice with a product on a tip.
Natural nail prep before gel sculpting. Pushing back the cuticle, filing the free edge, troubleshooting, applying dehydrator and primer.
Prep for basic «Square» nail shape Fitting the form, cut it according to the natural nail shape.
Placing the form stiffener
Working with a C-curve tool and forms
Sculpting: creating a nail using 3 acrylic beads Sculpting free edge of the nail, apex, cuticle area
Taking off the form
Pinching the nail
Sculpting strong and flexible nail Pinching with your own nails, using different pinching tools, find the perfect moment, troubleshooting.
Filing technique Theory, filing zones, choosing the right file depending on a zone, holding your hand right while filing, how to tell it is time to stop filing.
Nail sculpting troubleshooting Not enough filing vs. too much filing — how to find a perfect balance
Buffing the nail
How to take off gel nails safely using a nail drill Filing the length and topcoat, choosing the right drill bits, speed, and zones for filing.

The acrylic Sculpting course program - Content

Materials required for acrylic sculpting:

* Monomer (Acrylic liquid)
* Acrylic powders — clear, sheer pink, white, cover pink
* Non-acid primer for acrylic
* Sanitizer 
* Dehydrator
* Cleanse
* Cuticle oil Nurture Oil
* Acrylic brush #8 Grand Kolinsky
* Dappen dish
* Brush Cleaner
* Nail tips
* File 100/100 grit
* 150/150 Grit File
* 180/180 Grit File
* 180/240 Grit Buffer
* Block Buffer
* No cleanse gel top coat Glaze ’n Go
* Nail Forms
* Lint-free tissues

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