Diamond Nail Drill Bit CONE

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Professional e-file bit for manicure and pedicure

Tapered Diamond Nail Drill Bit 

Rotary Cuticle Clean 

Burr Nail Art File 

Use for Electric Drill Machine Manicure Pedicure Tool

3/32" Shank cone safety nail drill bit

Use for shaping around the cuticle area.

Cleans under the nails or nail edges

Cuticle and skin crack removal during manicure or pedicure. 

Coarse abrasive. Red bend - Medium fine. Blue bend - medium

Diamond particles make it effective to cut dead skin, no damage to natural nail bed.

Blue Diameter 5mm

Red Diameter 4mm

Made in Russia


- Use to remove dead skin; creating less dust with little friction and heat

- It can get in the nooks and crannies of the cuticle

- It works perfect, even on a high speed

- It could be used on both left and right hand equipment

- Suitable for professional or home use


1 x Cuticle Cleaning Bit